Glen Findlas

This is the first time I've added a note for a while. I've had a quite a few walks since the last post and may try to backfill a few sometime.

Went for a walk round the Glen Findlas loop.

The weather was good, windy and bright. I walked up the track all the way to the reservoir going the opposite direction, clockwise, than my normal route.


The cloud came over as I walked along the first top to

After ..... it brightened up and the views were good if a bit hazy.


The bracken is beginning to turn orange and it will not be long until the trees drop their leaves.

Saw and heard a few Ravens in the distance, some enjoying the stiff breeze, climbing and diving. I was inspecting a grouse feather and some droppings when I heard a couple of birds behind me, later I put up a couple more grouse and got a quick photo:


Going back down I started a couple of Red Deer hinds and saw about 20 more in the bracken below, leaving in single file.


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