Loch Oss and Ben Oss

Decided to wander in the same direction as a couple of weeks ago and head up to Loch Oss again, this time I'd go on to Ben Oss if I was feeling like it.

The weather promised good early and poorer later with a threat of thunder so I left early and started walking about 8am. It was very overcast and the clouds were low.


A ton of Scotch Argus butterflies on the first section of the walk, I didn't manage a good picture.

Lots of wild flowers through the grass and once I reached the moor the heather was purple, the cloud stayed low.

By the time i reached the loch it was right down.


But I decided to head up to Ben Oss in the hope of it clearing, it didn't. I headed back down to the loch, as I did so it started clearing.

As I got further and further down towards the car the clouds cleared and it became quite hot, the hills appeared behind me. If I had sat still on the top of an hour I would have had a great view.


As well as the butterflies I saw a fair bit of wildlife, deer, a couple of grouse, a family of snipe, ravens and hooded crows.

I also though I saw an eagle, fairly far off, it looked too heavy for a buzzard and didn't act like one, hugging the contours of a hill.

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