Loch Oss and Beinn Dubhchraig


Casting about the internet at the weekend, looking for a walk I found this:

Walk on the Wild Side: Across moorland to Loch Oss and decided to go for it yesterday instead of climbing a hill.

The Day started dull and overcast in Glasgow, and stayed that way where I was walking, with the addition of some wind, rain and a ton of clegs. A great day.

The walk follows the Fionn Ghleann burn which changes its name a couple of times as it goes uphill. There is no path, at first I followed cattle tracks and then deer paths. I did not see one boot print on the way to the lock.

The first section is through long, and yesterday wet grass, my boots soaked with in the first 10 minutes and my shorts in the next. The Fionn Ghleann is a lovely burn, waterfalls, gullies through rock and open sections. Visibility was poor, the clouds were right down and it rained on and off.

After a few kilometers of wandering the Fionn Ghleann turns into the Sput Ban, a section rushing out of a waterfall and down a rock stretch.


Rain and my thumbs meant I failed to get a good photo of the waterfall at the top of the run.

The cattle tracks faded away and the sign of deer increased. Saw a group through the mist and rain as I reached the waterfall.

At the top of the Sput Ban the burn changes again into Allt Oss. The walk changes to moorland. By this time you should see Beinn Dubhchraig and Ben Oss, but I had no sight of them as the rain poured and the mist came right down.

You do not see the loch until you are right at it, the burn slows a bit and I saw a couple of wee trout darting about.


THis feels like a really secluded spot, quite except for the sound of water, the whole hillside seemed to be draining into the loch rather noisily.

As I arrive a wee bit earlier than I expected I though about a swim or a climb to Beinn Dubhchraig. The rain and cloud seemed to be lifting so I decided on the climb.

Headed up to Bealach Buidhe passing interesting tracks of large rocks that had tore down the hill. Was rewarded at the top by more rain and complete cloud cover. Hard to see anything. It didn't take long to reach the cairn at the top of Beinn Dubhchraig. I then headed back down to the loch, near horizontal rain washing out any idea of walking along to Ben Oss.


I then had lunch and head back down the burn. As I went down the day started to clear and about half an hour from the road Beinn Dubhchraig finally cleared:


By this time I was slapping clegs like mad.

18km with about 1030m of up. I hope to revisit this walk, a wonderful quiet day.

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