Meall an Fhudair

First time in a while to my favourite walk from last year. Meall an Fhudair is a Corbett.

With Christine, a slightly cloudy start that cleared to a hot blue sky with a little haze.

We headed up the track from Glen Falloch and then onto Troisgeach. A steady climb through damp and slightly boggy ground. The theme for today was frogs, they were all over the place.


From Troisgeach there are great views of the Arrochar Alps to the south, the Ben Lui group of munros and the Crinlarach munros.

Ben Lui group of munros

From Troisgeach you cross a fairly flat stretch of peat and wee lochans where we saw the first red deer of the day.

You don't usually find any antlers on the hills, the deer eat them as a source of calcium, but we found one out of reach under water:


Untitled<="" a="" > Ben Lui from between Meall Caora and Meall an Fhudair

We had lunch and enjoyed the view and a wee nap on Meall an Fhudair. From there we headed north for Gleann nan Caroann, putting up a mountain hare and a red grouse and seeing a lot more Deer.


From the large pipe there is a good track down to the start of the walk. Lots of large dragonflies hunting wee flies on the way. More photos on Flickr

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