Given the weather was drizzle and rain we waited until after 4 to start this walk. The forecast promised some sun in the evening. This didn't quite materialise but the rain stayed off.

Plenty of fox gloves and other flora to peer at.

White foxglove #walknote #flora<="" a="" >="" <="" height="240" width="240" ><="">Foxglove

By the time we were heading back to the car it had brightened a wee bit and the clouds had cleared from Ben Ledi across the loch.


About 7 and a half km

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06/30/13; 07:23:15 PM

Dull and overcast, looked like it might rain but didn't. Dorothy and I took a short walk to the Whangie and back.


Pleasant walk lots of bog cotton and larks. Nice Woolly Bear on the path.

#woolybear #walknote

Surprisingly quite for a Saturday morning.

06/29/13; 11:46:53 AM

The weather promised to be rainy so I decided to rein in my plans and go on this closer to home walk.

14 deg C in the car when I set off rather late at about 9:30, cloudy and a we bit muggy.

Arrived at the distillery around 10, the weather stayed dry for the whole walk. Low cloud and a stiff breeze. Quite nice to walk in.


Dumgoyne very green now. As usual provides a bit of aerobic exercise before a gentle walk to Earl's Seat.

Lots of bog cotton bobbing across the moors. A couple of ravens in the distance and a few noisy larks at the trig point.


Needed to put on a jacket after eating lunch at the trig point but in general warm enough.

Here is the kml file on google maps. About 10 and a half k in around 3 and a half hours.

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06/23/13; 02:20:56 PM

The first time in a few weeks to this favourite wee walk. Lovely evening, quite bright. Cuckoos, curlew and larks making a noise.

06/21/13; 09:07:49 PM

First walk since coming back from holiday and a huge difference in the flora.

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After the late spring there is tons of hawthorn frothing over the fields and hedges.

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About 18 deg C with a nice breeze.

Lots of butterflies, large white ones clustered round damp clay besides the paths.

06/16/13; 10:15:19 PM

I was on Holiday in Majorca in the first week in June, found this walk and went on it each morning for the last 3 days.

Walk goes from Porta Pollensa to Cala de Boquer through the Boquer valley. Full of goats, lizards and birds of various types. Each day I saw, but failed to get a good photo of the Eleonora's Falcon.

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The reward for a warm walk was a delightful rocky bay to have a dip in.

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06/16/13; 05:43:31 PM

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